Salary Review Tool

One of the most important pay processes during the year is the salary review. It is important to establish clear guidelines and get efficient tools to ensure a smooth process for managers and the HR department.

Salary review with RewardSmarter

  • Structured and efficient process
  • Tailored reports for managers with salary-setting responsibility
  • Easy for HR personnel to analyze the results
  • Simple export feature for approval

Watch our video to learn how the salary review process works with RewardSmarter’s Excel tool.

Automating the salary review

RewardSmarter’s Salary Review Tool provides a simple means of producing tailored reports for managers with salary-setting responsibility. These reports can include budget guidelines and information about the employees’ salaries, previous pay increases, comparisons with market salaries, performance.

Simple compilation and analysis

When the managers have allocated the salary budget among their employees, you compile the reports of all the managers by importing the files into the tool. You can then easily check whether the managers have followed the given guidelines and the budget that was allocated.


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