Roadmap to gender equality in the workplace

We help companies get a head start on the diversity and gender equality journey. Our Equality Roadmap is an analysis, diagnosis, and hands-on action plan for you to strengthen your brand, attract and retain talent, and make a social impact. It is also a prestudy to help you climb the ranks of the global Gender Equality Index.

Four steps to Gender Equality 

To better understand what actions to take to accelerate the change toward Gender Equality in the workplace, we have developed a service called Equality Roadmap.

1. Framework

We start by understanding your organization’s values and goals.

  • Do you have specific targets for gender equality?
  • How do they align with your company values?
  • What are the critical performance indicators you want to improve?

2. Data collection and analysis

What is the company’s position today? We start identifying areas of success and areas of improvement.

  • Analysis of policies and publicly disclosed information
  • Data collection through surveys and interviews
  • Workforce data analysis 

3. Action plan and priorities 

Based on the results of the analysis, we create a hands-on action plan on topics you need to address. You focus on the issues in order of priority, depending on the targets you want to meet. We can provide examples of best practices from other companies, tools for analysis, and guide you on how to continue the work internally or with external support.

4. Follow-up and next steps

To get confirmation of progress, we recommend a yearly follow-up to track progress in the field.

Our setup is flexible. We can act as an advisor in the start-up phase to guide you on what to focus on, or do the work for you, depending on your needs and resources.

Gender Equality Index

The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index aims to track the performance of public companies committed to transparency in gender-data reporting.

Equileap research and rank over 3,500 public companies around the world using a unique and comprehensive Gender Equality Scorecard™.


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Pay Equity Tool

All employees are entitled to fair compensation. RewardSmarter’s Global Pay Equity Tool has been designed to help HR address the issue through an integrated approach and gain an overview of pay gaps right across the organization.


Gender Pay Analysis

Our Excel-based Gender Pay Analysis Tool ensures full compliance with the requirements of the Swedish Equality Ombudsman (DO) for mapping and analysis. It is the ideal tool for performing in-depth analysis at group and individual level.