Simplifying reward processes

HR teams take on an increasing number of tasks and greater strategic responsibilities. To deliver on the expectations of the organization, repetitive processes must become more efficient and automated. Time-consuming manual work needs to be eliminated.

RewardSmarter has developed Excel tools that automate regular Compensation & Benefits tasks. The tools cover annual processes, such as salary review, pay surveys and bonus, plus more technical aspects like salary structure design and merit matrices. As the tools are in Excel, implementation is not required, internal processes do not need changing and, best of all, you can get started immediately.

All HR Tools in the RewardSmarter Toolbox

Salary Review

Automate creation of individual salary review sheets for managers. Include guidelines and budget allocation.

Variable Pay

Manage the variable pay process efficiently, all steps are automated – from calculations to creating individual letters.

Gender Pay Analysis

Swedish requirements. Highlights critical groups and indicates potential explanations at employee level.

Compensation Benchmarking

Visualize how you’re paying your employees compared to market data and evaluate your salary policy.

Pay Range Design

Model salary structures using one or multiple data providers. Simplifies analyses if you use a job architecture.

Global Salary Budget

Distribute salary budgets between countries, model budget spend and analyze effect on overall budget.

Organization Calibration

Get an overview of the organization’s positions and their relative importance. Evaluate and compare.

Salary Matrix Calculator

Prepare for the salary review by modeling salary review budget allocation between employee groups.


Other tools and templates

Remuneration Committee Presentation Template, Executive Benchmarking & Salary Review Template and more.


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